An Exploration of Pranayama, Subtle Body and Supportive Asana mit Stephen Thomas

14.06. – 18.06.23 YOGA13 2nd Floor

14.06. Start 13:30-17 Uhr
15.06.-17.06. 8-17/17:30 täglich, Pause 12-13:30 Uhr
18.06. 8-12 Uhr, Pause 12-13 Uhr, 13-15:30 Uhr Ende

This module takes some further steps towards understanding how to effectively work with the Subtle Body in Yoga Asana, Pranayama. There are detailed subtle practices, in-depth study of the many aspects of Pranayama, Kriya and Modern Breathwork, plus exploration of working with ‘props’ to offer students modifications and the opportunity to access deeper forms of the Asana in various formats with support.

Discussions on the Subtle Body each day, ranging from „Vayu“ and „Kosha“ theory, „Ayurvedic insights“ on practices, plus working with the „Chakras“ in a real and effective way. The module is taught in English and includes some text and script support. Some layouts of the sequences which influence different subtle channels in the body is also presented.

35h / 659 Euro


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