Alignment in Asana – Dynamic, Restorative, Insightful with Stephen Thomas

Alignment in Asana 

Dynamic, Restorative, Insightful

with Stephen Thomas

SA 12.2. – SO 13.2.22  

time: 8:30-11:30 Uhr & 13:30-16:30 Uhr

For students and teachers, these 4 sessions are a chance to work with Asana to explore the layers of the body (Outer, Pranic & Mental) using Asana and Pranayama/Kriya. It is also a chance to cleanse and harmonise the energy body and fill it with vitality.

In this Immersion, there is a focus on Asana – looking at subtle refinement in the asana approach from an Energetic Perspective (as well as key alignments that make the pose feel more stable and open). There will be clear direction on modifying and refinding the Asana to match your needs so that personal growth can take place.

Pranayama/Kriya is included in each session to create space and insight which supports the Asana work.  Each session builds progressively to create a complete weekend of Practice and Study. Come prepared to work strong, and dive deep into practice.

This is a Level 2 course with some experience in Yoga required. It is not ideal for beginners. Note: for those with experience but suffering from challenges in the certain areas of the practices, physical or energetic blockages, vulnerable areas in the body – this Immersion is ideal.

Stephen Thomas is an experienced Yoga teacher and practitioner. He leads Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Immersions across Asia and Europe. His teaching is deeply rooted in the traditional Yoga practices of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. His philosophical background is influenced by studies in the Classical systems of Yoga Philosophy as well as Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra.

Stephen studied directly with O.P. Tiwari of Kaivalyadham, India – a living master in the science of Pranayama. He blends this with his ongoing studies in Asana, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Philosophy and the varied modern evolutions of Yoga.

Price: 239€

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